3-Day Special - Idioms & Phrases in ASL, Vol. 1: Teacher's Instructional DVD & eWorkbook Set +Free S&H

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New for 2021! Be ready to teach ASL idioms in any continuing education to university classrooms with this great teacher's set!

You will get two items:

1. Idioms & Phrases in American Sign Language, Vol. 1: Teacher's Instructional DVD

This DVD is a requirement for every ASL teacher as well as for full use part of an American Sign Language / Deaf Studies and Interpreter Training programs (ITP). Avery Ganezer will guide every viewer how to explicitly use Idioms & Phrases in American Sign Language, Vol. 1 DVD in a classroom environment. You will learn how to incorporate activities, provide handouts from the workbook (ISBN/EAN13:144144811X / 9781441448118) and plan your courses for 8 or more weeks. This DVD will show you how to provide quiz and do homework review.

Over an hour and half of easy to follow introduction and instructions, every viewer will appreciate this most powerful teaching tool yet at a fraction of the cost! As a bonus, this DVD also includes all 52 idioms and phrases and their sentence examples seen in the student volume 1 DVD. Thus, you will have an all in one solution to teach the first 52 idioms!

2. Idioms & Phrases In American Sign Language, Vol. 1, Teacher's eWorkbook via USB Flash Drive

Your experience teaching idioms and phrases in American Sign Language (ASL) begins with us! Throughout this USB Flash drive, you will learn how to teach over 50 idioms and phrases in ASL about all facets of everyday life. You will also learn how to use these expressions in complete English and ASL sentences, activities and more. Useful ASL GLOSSES, homework assignments, quizzes and games will be included in the eworkbook - a must have for every ASL Teacher!

Since idioms and phrases are important part of daily conversations among Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing students, ASL teachers, parents and professionals, it is normal for one to encounter difficulties interpreting and/or translating these expressions into ASL and English. Our unique teachings will involve a media-rich bilingual presentation that is excellent for both Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing and ASL enthusiasts. 

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