ASL Notepad - 50-sheets multicolor and writable - free S&H!

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As Deaf people ourselves, we understand the true meaning of clear communication and oftentimes would meet others who do not know ASL - so what do we do?  We would always carry this awesome multicolor and easy-to-read American Sign Language notepad that shows all the ASL alphabet, numbers and a cool ASL phrase while leaving us with plenty of room to communicate via writing with pencil, pen or markers.  Each notepad comes with 50 strong sheets and are excellent to give out to people such as:

  • waitresses/waiters
  • police officers
  • Deaf people to use for their peers who don't sign
  • doctors
  • veterinarians
  • nurses
  • friends
  • family
  • post office staff
  • repair people
  • teachers
  • neighbors
  • bank tellers
  • store staff
  • airport staff
  • school administrators
  • libraries
  • lifeguards
  • hospital staff
  • and many others
This notepad is a treasure and is a powerful educational tool for anyone who have not yet learned ASL.  For a limited time, grab this notepad with free shipping and handling!


Item Features:

  • Vibrant full color American Sign Language alphabet along with English translation
  • Rich full color American Sign Language basic numbers along with English translation
  • One American Sign Language phrase: "I LOVE YOU"
  • Premium stationery paper
  • Uncoated for excellent writability
  • Paper from sustainable sources
  • Tactile paper feel
  • Printed front only
  • Bonded with adhesive and papers are held together strongly and are easy to peel off


  • Item Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Number of Sheets per Pad: 50
  • Color: Full color on every sheet
  • Material: 70 lb. Paper Uncoated

The notepad was designed by our team.  Don't wait, this ASL Notepad will make a life-saving difference for many!