ASL Interpreter Starter Kit

$95.30 $52.00

Now there is an excellent way to start your American Sign Language interpreter training with our 5-DVD Sign Language Interpreter starter kit.

This kit will include 5 separate DVDs:

Idioms & Phrases in ASL, Vol. 1 DVD

ASL Interpreter Training: Receptive Skills Practice DVD

ASL Interpreter Training: Expressive Skills Practice DVD

What Did She Say, Yay! ASL Receptive & Translation, Vol. 1 DVD

What Did She Say, Finally! ASL Receptive & Translation, Vol. 2 DVD

This set, over 6 hours of ASL interpreter training, with Deaf ASL Professors and Certified ASL Interpreter / Teacher, will help you build confidence in interpreting receptively and expressively in ASL and is strongly used as preparatory tool for interpreting evaluations and exams as well as further training.

This set is perfect for:

ASL students
Teachers / Instructors
Interpreter training
Adult education classes / programs
Hospitals / EMTs / Law Enforcement Staff
Study Groups
Home Schooling
and more!

Save plenty by buying this intensive training & open-captioned 5-DVD set today! Note: All DVDs will be in eco-friendly CD sleeves WITHOUT Amaray DVD cases to help customers save money. Each disc are clearly labeled for your convenience. The pictures shown above are for illustration only and are not printed on any DVDs. Gilda Toby Ganezer and Avery Posner will be the main Deaf ASL Professors along with April Starks, a certified ASL Interpreter/Teacher. Some DVDs will not have audio as a training technique to help every viewer better develop receptive skills. Free shipping.