New! Complete ASL eBook Collection USB Flash Drive + FREE S&H

New! Complete ASL eBook Collection USB Flash Drive + FREE S&H

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Introducing our groundbreaking "Complete ASL eBook Collection"! This innovative American Sign Language training material consolidates four comprehensive ASL curriculum materials into one convenient USB flash drive. Designed for ease of use and convenience, it simplifies teaching ASL, making it more accessible than ever. Now, let's dive into the fascinating details of each curriculum/eBook within this exceptional collection:

- **eBook 1: Deaf Culture 101**
  - Autographed photo book containing memoirs, stories, and 535 questions about Deaf Culture, American Sign Language, and ASL interpreting.
  - Must-have for ASL students, teachers, interpreters, and families.
  - Full-color pages, perfect for high schools, colleges, and universities.
- **eBook 2: Deaf Culture 201**
  - Contains brand-new memoirs, stories, and hundreds of questions about Deaf Culture, ASL, and interpreting.
  - Ideal for ASL classes, self-study, and group discussions.
  - Full-color pages, excellent resource for all ASL enthusiasts.

- **eBook 3: Idioms & Phrases in ASL, Vol. 1-5**
  - Workbook featuring complete sentences, translations, and ASL glosses.
  - Essential for ASL teachers, students, interpreters, and families.
  - Full-color, easy-to-use table of contents, perfect for classroom use.

- **eBook 4: ASL Teachers' Resource Workbook: Advanced Fingerspelling**
  - Updated teaching materials designed to enhance fingerspelling skills.
  - Includes 25 exercises covering addresses, telephone numbers, abbreviations, and more.
  - Perfect for ASL teachers, interpreters, students, and families.
  - Full-color pages, with clear instructions and activity ideas for classroom use.

This is a brand new curriculum material. Allow up to 3 weeks before product gets shipped and you will receive a pair of emails with tracking information for your items in transit. USB style may vary to provide you with most updates and highest level of accessibility.