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Everyday ASL University is a Boca Raton, Florida based educational center founded by Gilda Toby Ganezer and Avery Ganezer along with a team of Deaf ASL educators with varied experiences throughout both Deaf and hearing communities in North America. Everyday ASL University understands and values the importance of promoting and educating American Sign Language (ASL) to ensure successful communication with others using the language where communication gaps are broken down with our curriculum and materials since the year of 2005.

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Who we are 

Gilda Toby Ganezer, CEO/Co-Founder, is a Deaf American Sign Language educator, teacher and the main producer / director in over 50 DVDs at Everyday ASL University. Ms. Ganezer is a co-founder for Everyday ASL University and is an expert in ASL teacher training on ASL sentence structures and idioms. With over 25 years of ASL teaching experience, many professionals/educators have started new careers as ASL professors AND interpreters. In fact, Gilda has an extraordinary knack of showing teachers, even the professionals, how to integrate the body movements along with facial expressions while using the sentence structures and idioms; to be sure the meanings are accurately matched and conveyed.

Ms. Ganezer was offered twice and taught at accredited ASL courses at Long Island University at C.W. Post for a couple of years. In the past, Gilda received numerous of offers from city universities to run their ASL programs; however, Gilda chose to dedicate her time and energies towards Everyday ASL University.

Since she was 6, Gilda has a passion for dancing and singing in ASL, despite her profound hearing loss. In addition to one of her passions and during her free time, she collects and picks up assorted vintage and modern fashion jewelry and purses and donate them to women in need at local churches and community centers.

All her life, Gilda is an ardent animal activist; educating the public against animal poaching, trapping (fur industry), horse-drawn carriages, rodeo and use animals in circus. For years, Gilda supports various animal helping organizations. Gilda used to save dozens of stray dogs and cats including raccoons and foxes by herself. Her personal dog, Cookie, was the greatest love of her life who died of rare forms of rectal cancer. During Cookie's illness, Gilda hand-fed her and carried her in her arms "24-hours a day" until the day she passed away. After Cookie's passing, Gilda had not recovered for almost two years. Because of this experience, she sacrificed much in life and became so devoted to cancer awareness and donations in supporting the homeless, children and elderly people with cancer as well as animal rights and protection.

Gilda travels around the country teaching families and educators the importance of not oppressing Deaf children and people especially women and/or by making any of them repress their feelings simply because they do not use spoken English as method of communication and/or because of their gender or age.  Additionally, Gilda continuously works around the clock educating communities the importance of preventing hunger among all kinds of people, no matter who they are, as well as animals.

Until recently, Gilda was featured in New York Newsday newspaper, seen by millions of readers, of her life's work and accomplishments.

Gilda is also a vegetarian and a psychic medium with telepathic abilities - she has a knack of predicting by means of receiving messages through her parents who have passed.  She loved and still loves her mama and grandmother so so much!!

Gilda's Quotations:

"Be kind and you will get something in return."

"Try not to let anger control your actions; give communication a try then magic will do the rest."

"I am against all forms of inhumane suffering."

"Do not speak or feel or even think for others, let them tell you themselves AND do your best to respect their thoughts."



Avery Ganezer, President/Co-Founder of Everyday ASL University and a Deaf ASL educator, sign model and animal activist.  He was an avid ASL Storyteller for numerous of DVDs produced at Everyday ASL University. Originally, Mr. Ganezer studied to become a physician before discovering his love for American Sign Language / Interpreter Training Education. Mr. Ganezer is certified in Sign Communication Proficiency Interview (SCPI) rater training program offered by Gallaudet University and was formerly a RID Rater and Certified Deaf Interpreter Provisional (CDI-P) for the Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf (RID).  Avery coordinated and taught over 8 years of Summer ASL courses for Deaf and hearing young children. Avery also was an advisor for Deaf Children's Mentor program at a number of Deaf Schools. Avery is ASL / Interpreting curriculum developer / coordinator and is a master ASL-English translator. Avery as well specializes in writing Request For Proposals (RFPs) brilliantly for several multi-million dollar companies and for Everyday ASL University, too!!

Mr. Ganezer has been inducted into eleven honor societies while attending a pre-med program at Hofstra University and a graduate school in New York. He had coordinated and utilized SCPI evaluations and assessments at St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf in the state of New York followed with a specialized in-service ASL program. For 15 years, Avery ran an interpreter service agency and served thousands of hours of interpreting services for government offices, hospitals, private businesses and school districts.

Personally, Avery is an avid believer of spirits (paranormal) and participated in numerous of events educating others about the authenticity and existence of the spirit world.

Avery has a passion to travel around the globe meeting new people and promoting all works from Everyday ASL University and doing film-making for the company.

Avery is a vegetarian and a CODA...He is an absolute animal activist!  He saved hundreds of raccoons, horses, cats, dogs and deer from being hunted cruelly.




Dawn Gould is also an ASL actress part of our growing family.  Dawn is an elementary school teacher for 25+ years.  Dawn has been very involved in her local church, Deaf Ministry, worship and drama.  Dawn has a heart for the Deaf as well as children.  She has a true passion to sing, sign and worship.  Dawn also enjoys socializing with both Deaf and hearing people, and by bringing joy to others.

Dawn is also active in her community by participating in musical productions as well as working on special projects for the church and school.  Additionally, Dawn does much by working with children and adults with special needs.

Dawn is married and has 3 (mostly grown-up) children of her own.  Her other interests include scrapbooking, walking outdoors in the sunshine, playing the piano, reading, creative writing, and making others smile.  Dawn dictates that "Life is a journey, and we are meant to discover and life it to it's fullest......"



Lucinda Marks is also an ASL actress part of our company.  Lucinda is a caring and attentive educational interpreter ever located in Wisconsin with unparalleled interpreting experience.  Lucinda strives nothing but to do best for the Deaf Community with devotion and respect towards language and culture.  She does much to make a Deaf student live a better quality in life with high quality interpreting.

Lucinda excels all ASL performances simply because of her amazing attitudes in learning how to work in a bi-lingual and bi-cultural environments.



April Starks is Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Interpreter Training Program at Pierpont Community and Technical College. She holds an R.B.A. (May 2007) from Fairmont State University and an A.S in Interpreter Training from Fairmont State College. In addition, she holds a level IV certification from the National Association of the Deaf and attends professional development seminars on a regular basis. She enjoys working with Fairmont State's community education program as well as Gear-up's middle school institute summer camp in teaching sign language. She has worked as a community based interpreter for 9 years in specialized settings and has taught at the college level for 4 years. April is actively involved in West Virginia Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf serving as vice president of professional development. She also serves as a mentor for Educational Interpreters under the direction of the West Virginia Commission for the Deaf. She is committed to ensuring that our graduates / Interpreters meet the needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in West Virginia.

April is also a CODA.