New DVD - Tricky Words in ASL: Antonyms, Vol. 1 with FREE S&H

New DVD - Tricky Words in ASL: Antonyms, Vol. 1 with FREE S&H

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As interpreter and ASL evaluators ourselves, we understood how and why a high number of interpreter trainees, advanced ASL students and individuals have difficulties knowing how to maintain message equivalency when translating a true opposite meaning (using CORRECT signs) for a English word and/or phrase.

Do you know the best opposite for "active social life", "compassionate" and "insecure" in ASL for example? Good news: these 3 examples are part of 100+ most important yet very tricky antonyms taught in ASL.

We are pleased to announce a brand new "Tricky Words in ASL: Antonyms, Vol. 1" film  containing 100+ challenging antonyms in ASL that will help each and every viewer, of all levels and experience, how to maintain superior level of correct translations as well as very advanced communication skills.

This film will teach every viewer with the help of easy-to-follow visual aids and complete ASL translations.

A must have for every teacher, interpreter, advanced students, families and professionals.

Benefits from this film are: 

  • Learn how to avoid common errors translating antonyms in ASL
  • Each antonym will come with multiple helpful examples
  • Clear and organized chapters of antonyms excellent for training courses and self-study plans
  • Excellent for interpreters, families, teachers, students and more
  • Optimized for ASL interpreting performance tests, ASL evaluation tests, ASL Proficiency Interviews (ASLPI / SCPI) etc.
  • Easy-to-follow Bilingual training
  • ASL signs are seen and used in Deaf Community
  • Learn from Deaf ASL Professor

Like with most of our training videos, this film will have no audio for training purposes and are open captioned for convenient learning experience.