Idioms & Phrases in American Sign Language, Volume 2

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Your experience learning idioms and phrases in American Sign Language (ASL) continues with us!  Throughout this DVD, you will learn over 50 idioms and phrases in ASL about all facets of everyday life.  You will also learn how to use these expressions in complete English and ASL sentences.

Since idioms and phrases are important part of daily conversations among Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing students, ASL teachers, parents and professionals, it is normal for one to encounter difficulties interpreting and/or translating these expressions into ASL and English. 

Our unique teachings will involve a media-rich bilingual presentation that is excellent for both Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing and hearing ASL enthusiasts.

Idiom / Phrase Examples in this DVD:

  • actions speak louder than words
  • beat around the bush
  • disappear into thin air
  • good enough for
  • hands off
  • labeled as
  • swallow one's pride
  • venting out

...and much more!

Learn from the ASL experts!  This DVD is led by a team of Deaf ASL Professionals with combined 30+ years of teaching and Deaf Interpreting experiences who will teach you how to recognize and express commonly used idioms and phrases in ASL fluently.

This DVD is a powerful learning tool developed best for ASL classes and interpreter training courses as well as all Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing and hearing individuals, families and professionals using everyday idioms and phrases in all types of conversations daily.

Bonus features are included, such as bloopers and more.