New! Advanced ASL Classifiers: Everyday Mishaps DVD + USB Set

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At Everyday ASL University, we recognize the challenges faced by ASL learners when it comes to comprehending and utilizing advanced ASL Classifiers. Despite their proficiency in fundamental ASL Classifiers, many individuals struggle to effectively apply these advanced linguistic tools in describing unexpected mishaps, accidents, injuries, and faux pas. Unfortunately, the lack of specialized resources and instruction in this area has hindered students from fully retaining their knowledge during evaluations and interviews. As a conscientious educational institution, we are committed to addressing these obstacles head-on.

We are delighted to introduce our newest educational resource, 'Advanced ASL Classifiers: Everyday Mishaps, Vol. 1.' Developed by our team of esteemed ASL  professors and filmmakers, this groundbreaking film aims to equip viewers with the essential skills needed to confidently interpret and express incidents using advanced ASL Classifiers. Our experienced Deaf Heritage signers and creators with deep-rooted connections to the Deaf community bring their life experiences to this transformative learning experience.

'Advanced ASL Classifiers: Everyday Mishaps, Vol. 1' goes beyond traditional ASL classes and courses, providing specialized instruction on the effective use of advanced ASL Classifiers. Through a series of immersive lessons, you will learn to navigate unexpected mess ups, accidents, injuries, and more in ASL, using an advanced level of Classifiers. The film highlights common mistakes and misunderstandings while offering guidance on newly introduced ASL Classifiers. By incorporating real-life scenarios and incorporating Deaf Culture, we aim to enhance your understanding and mastery of ASL Classifiers, whether you are sharing insights, narrating stories, or expressing emotions.

Throughout the film, we present numerous examples with exceptional clarity, supported by easy-to-follow visual aids. These invaluable lessons, carefully curated by our dedicated curriculum development team, are being made available to the public for the very first time.

Unique training throughout the film are advanced and resourceful for use at schools, colleges, social gathering, family outing, work environment, social media and countless other environments.

Benefits from this set are: 

  • Honing proficiency in interpreting and expressing using advanced ASL Classifiers while emphasizing Deaf Culture integration
  • Excellent for training courses and self-study plans
  • First time ever: you will get both DVD and USB for ease of use
  • Designed for interpreters, families, teachers, students and more
  • Optimized for ASL interpreting performance tests, ASL evaluation tests, ASL Proficiency Interviews (ASLPI / SCPI) etc.
  • Easy-to-follow Bilingual training with video aids
  • Countless hard-to-find ASL signs seen and used in Deaf Community
  • Heritage Deaf ASL Signer / Professor

Like with most of our training videos, this film will have no audio for training purposes and some with open captions for convenient learning experience. All DVDs and USBs will be in eco-friendly CD sleeves WITHOUT Amaray DVD cases to help customers save money. Each disc are clearly labeled for your convenience. Color and style of USB sticks may vary to ensure highest quality to you. The pictures shown above are for illustration only and are not printed on any DVDs. Ships free to continental U.S. 

This is a brand new set and are in high demand. Please be patient as tracking information will be provided after product ships within 3 weeks. Thank you.