ASL Teachers' Resource Workbook: Advanced Fingerspelling: Letters & Numbers, Vol. 1 Book

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ASL Teachers' Resource Workbook: Advanced Fingerspelling: Letters & Numbers, Vol. 1 Book the most updated ASL teaching materials designed for ASL teachers, families, interpreters, professionals, and students. This workbook is specially designed to help individuals enhance their fingerspelling skills, proper use of palm orientation, handshape, and sign production. Fingerspelling fluency is an essential aspect of American Sign Language (ASL), and it requires constant practice, exposure to technical terms and production improvements. This book has been prepared and translated by Gilda Toby Ganezer and Avery Ganezer, a team of Deaf ASL Professionals with combined 30+ years of teaching and Deaf Interpreting experiences.

This workbook comprises 25 exercises that cover various areas, such as addresses, telephone numbers, temperatures, abbreviations, and much more including complex acronyms and abbreviated phrases. We have included guidelines and instructions for both teachers and students, making it easier to navigate through the exercises. The workbook will even include activity ideas for use in ASL classes, workshops, tutoring and more.

All in all, we understand the importance of maintaining strong communication skills, and this workbook provides an effective way to do just that. The goal of this workbook is to help individuals improve their receptive, expressive, and communication skills via means of mastering advanced fingerspelling levels.

This book is perfect for ASL teachers, instructors, interpreters, students, trainees and also families. This book is excellent for classroom use!!

This book size is 8.5x11 inches and all 60 pages are in full COLOR. You will have an easy to use table of contents along with a valuable introduction guide on how to use the book.

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