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Title: 3-Film Set, Vol. 1


Film #1: Identifying Bad Behaviors in ASL (DVD + Online Access)

In this film, you'll learn how to identify and express various negative behaviors and traits in ASL. From bullying and dishonesty to arrogance and cruelty, this training covers a wide range of examples such as, "He is mean because he always bullies smaller kids," and, "She lies all the time, so you can't trust her." The film, led by a Deaf Heritage ASL CODA professor, ensures you grasp the meanings and usage of these terms with clarity, incorporating ASL Classifiers and more.

Understanding how to communicate about negative behaviors in ASL is crucial for addressing psychological and mental health issues effectively. This film empowers educators, interpreters, and students to better recognize and articulate these behaviors, facilitating timely intervention and support. Enhanced communication in this area can lead to more effective resolutions and improved well-being within the ASL community.

Film #2: Unexpected Situations in ASL, Vol. 1 (DVD + Online Access)

This film introduces you to expressing unexpected situations in ASL. Learn how to describe surprising events, like finding a snake on your patio or unexpectedly discovering a hundred-dollar bill in your old jacket. The film offers numerous scenarios to help you articulate these surprises fluently and naturally in ASL, guided by an experienced Deaf Heritage ASL CODA professor.

Mastering the ability to talk about unexpected events in ASL is essential for maintaining fluid and engaging conversations. This advanced training boosts confidence in interjecting new topics abruptly and smoothly, enhancing rapport with Deaf individuals and the broader ASL community. Life is full of surprises, and this film prepares you to share them like a pro, enriching your communication skills.

Film #3: Errors and Corrections in ASL, Vol. 1: Misunderstandings (DVD + Online Access)

This advanced ASL training film focuses on correcting misunderstandings. Learn to confidently and respectfully clarify errors in ASL, such as, "I think you meant to say 'sign language' instead of 'silent language'," or, "No, the library is closed on Sundays, not open." The film covers a variety of common misunderstandings, providing strategies for clear and effective communication.

Being able to correct misunderstandings accurately is vital for ensuring clear communication and preventing potential conflicts or confusion. This film equips you with the skills to handle misunderstandings with confidence and cultural sensitivity. Improved clarification techniques lead to better interactions and stronger relationships within the ASL community.

Every DVD is open-captioned and are without audio for intensive learning and teaching experience. This set will only include all the DVD titles shown on the list above in economical paper sleeves to save you cost. Note: This is nonreturnable and nonrefundable product. Color, style and finish of DVDs, as well as DVD choices may vary to accompany latest updates. Access to view these 3 films online via ASLFLIX will be provided to you along with your DVDs.

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