New! Advanced ASL Legal Series: Administrative Law, Vol. 1 DVD + USB Set

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Delve into the intricacies of administrative law and elevate your ASL proficiency with our latest offering, "Advanced ASL Legal Series: Administrative Law, Vol. 1." This comprehensive DVD and USB set is not just an invaluable resource; it's a transformative journey that equips you with the language skills to navigate the complex terrain of administrative law with confidence.

In today's diverse and dynamic world, understanding administrative law isn't just beneficial; it's essential. Whether you're an interpreter, a legal professional, or simply someone who values effective communication, this set opens doors to a wealth of opportunities.

Our Deaf Heritage ASL Professor, a seasoned expert in legal interpretation, guides you through over a dozen advanced topics, from administrative agencies to the intricacies of administrative enforcement. With each word and concept you master, you enhance your ability to interpret legal discourse with precision and accuracy.

But it's not just about courtrooms and legal offices. Administrative law touches countless aspects of our lives, from government regulations to workplace disputes. By honing your ASL skills in this area, you become a more effective communicator in everyday life settings. You're better equipped to advocate for your rights, navigate bureaucratic processes, and understand the implications of administrative decisions.

In an increasingly interconnected world, proficiency in administrative law isn't just an asset; it's a necessity. Don't miss the opportunity to expand your knowledge, enhance your interpreting skills, and foster a deeper understanding of the legal landscape that shapes our society.

"Advanced ASL Legal Series: Administrative Law, Vol. 1" isn't just a set of films; it's a key to unlocking new possibilities in both your personal and professional life. Join us on this unparalleled journey and empower yourself with the language of law.

Unique training throughout the film are advanced and resourceful for use at schools, colleges, social gathering, family outing, work environment, social media and countless other environments.

Benefits from this set are: 

  • Honing proficiency in interpreting and expressing countless vital topics regarding Administrative Law in ASL
  • Excellent for training courses and self-study plans
  • First time ever: you will get both DVD and USB for ease of use
  • Designed for interpreters, families, teachers, students and more
  • Optimized for ASL interpreting performance tests, ASL evaluation tests, ASL Proficiency Interviews (ASLPI / SCPI) etc.
  • Easy-to-follow Bilingual training with video aids
  • Countless hard-to-find ASL signs seen and used in Deaf Community
  • Heritage Deaf ASL Signer / Professor

Like with most of our training videos, this film will have no audio for training purposes and some with open captions for convenient learning experience. All DVDs and USBs will be in eco-friendly CD sleeves WITHOUT Amaray DVD cases to help customers save money. Each disc are clearly labeled for your convenience. Color and style of USB sticks may vary to ensure highest quality to you. The pictures shown above are for illustration only and are not printed on any DVDs. Ships free to continental U.S. 

This is a brand new set and are in high demand. Please be patient as tracking information will be provided after product ships within 3 weeks. Thank you.