10-DVD ASL Crash Course Set + Free DVD Wallet + Free S&H

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Title: 10-DVD ASL Crash Course Set with Free DVD Wallet

New 10-film set will come with the following 10 individual DVDs:

DVD 1:
Title: ASL Fingerspelling Challenge, Vol. 1
Description: The goal is to teach viewers how to be more ambidextrous by skillfully fingerspell words and numbers with both hands using various speeds, number of letters, and more.

DVD 2:
Title: Advanced ASL Classifiers: Medical Setting Actions
Description: Advanced ASL Classifiers training on identifying actions in a medical setting - from typical and complicated medical procedures to consultations with various types of people.

DVD 3:
Title: Advanced ASL Classifiers: Mental Health Behaviors
Description: Embark on an enlightening journey into the intricate world of ASL classifiers, specifically tailored to understand and articulate mental health behaviors. From restless legs to staring blankly, this course meticulously examines the nuanced cues of distress and coping mechanisms. Led by a Deaf Heritage ASL Professor, you'll gain invaluable insights into bridging communication gaps and fostering understanding in mental health contexts.

This comprehensive course delves deep into recognizing and expressing a myriad of mental health behaviors using ASL classifiers. By mastering these subtle yet critical nuances, you'll be equipped with the tools to effectively convey emotional states and experiences, facilitating deeper connections and empathy in interactions with individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

DVD 4:
Title: Advanced ASL Classifiers: Body Parts, UNCENSORED
Description: Prepare to elevate your ASL Classifier skills to a whole new level in this uncensored training. Led by a distinguished Deaf Heritage ASL Professor and CODA, you'll delve deep into various aspects of the body, from facial features and limbs in motion to expressive eyes and mimicking expressions. This comprehensive course covers categories not typically found in mainstream ASL training, offering a unique opportunity to expand your ASL vocabulary and communication skills.

Discover the intricate art of conveying emotions, actions, and intricate details of the human body through ASL classifiers. This intensive training is designed to push the boundaries of your signing abilities and provide you with the tools needed to express complex concepts and feelings accurately. Whether you're a seasoned signer or new to ASL, this course promises to enhance your expressive capacity and deepen your understanding of the rich world of sign language.

DVD 5:
Title: Advanced ASL Classifiers: Medical Symptoms
Description: Dive deep into the realm of ASL classifiers, exploring their application in describing various body pains and breathing difficulties, among other critical medical symptoms. Understanding and effectively expressing these classifiers can be lifesaving, enhancing communication accuracy and fostering stronger relationships between patients and healthcare providers. By mastering ASL classifiers for medical symptoms, you empower yourself to recognize and convey crucial information swiftly, potentially reducing suffering and facilitating prompt treatment.

Led by a seasoned Deaf Heritage ASL professor with extensive medical expertise, this course offers invaluable insights into the nuances of ASL classifiers, equipping you with the tools to communicate effectively in medical contexts. Through immersive learning experiences and practical examples, you'll develop proficiency in conveying medical symptoms with precision and clarity, ultimately contributing to improved healthcare outcomes for Deaf individuals and beyond.

DVD 6:
Title: ASL Proverbs, Vol. 1: Everyday Life
Description: Immerse yourself in a revolutionary ASL learning experience as you delve into the rich tapestry of English proverbs masterfully translated into American Sign Language. Guided by a seasoned Deaf Heritage CODA ASL Professor, you'll discover the art of expressing timeless wisdom about everyday life through the graceful movements of ASL. From "Don't count your chickens before they hatch" to "Two heads are better than one," each proverb unlocks profound insights into the human experience.

This volume not only offers a comprehensive exploration of essential proverbs but also provides unparalleled opportunities to refine your translation skills. By deciphering the nuances of each proverb and embodying its essence in ASL, you'll deepen your understanding of both languages. Moreover, these proverbs serve as invaluable tools for enriching your communication repertoire, allowing you to convey complex ideas and concepts with clarity and elegance.

DVD 7:
Title: ASL Euphemisms, Vol. 1: From Died to Fired
Description: Misconceptions about the Deaf and ASL community often revolve around bluntness, but respect, courtesy, and consideration are equally important. Our groundbreaking first volume explores ASL Euphemisms, revealing how to translate messages into courteous and respectful expressions, as well as into dysphemisms.

This film features numerous resourceful examples of ASL sentences, showcasing both Dysphemisms and the gentler Euphemisms. Euphemisms, such as "passed away" instead of "died" or "let go" instead of "fired," illustrate how to convey messages more gently and respectfully.

DVD 8:
Title: ASL Interpreting Ethics 101: Deaf Edition, Vol. 1
Description: This inaugural volume offers a comprehensive journey through the top 10 code of ethics for ASL interpreters, presented from a Deaf perspective.

Delve into the nuances of confidentiality, professionalism, respect for consumers, accuracy, impartiality, and more. Real-world examples illustrate both ethical and unethical practices, providing a practical guide for interpreters and fostering a deeper understanding of ethical principles.

DVD 9:
Title: Cooking in ASL with Michelle, Vol. 1
Description: Embark on a culinary journey like never before with Michelle Green, our new esteemed Deaf ASL professor and teaching veteran. With a career dedicated to Deaf education, Michelle is your trusted guide into the world of cooking through American Sign Language (ASL).

DVD 10:
Title: Advanced Medical ASL: Hospital & Emergency Room Terms
Description: Explore the crucial vocabulary and phrases used in hospital and emergency room settings with our Deaf Heritage ASL Professor. This comprehensive guide delves into essential terms like medical history, MRI diagnostics, admission, vital signs, IV drip, triage, anesthesia, discharge, and many more.

This film is not just a resource; it's a communication lifeline. It's designed to elevate the signing skills of interpreters, families, professionals, and anyone navigating unexpected medical situations. By enhancing your medical ASL proficiency, this film opens up clearer communication channels, ensuring a better understanding of medical needs. It's a tool that could even expedite the process of receiving the right medical assistance swiftly, effortlessly, and efficiently. Join us to strengthen your ability to bridge the gap in healthcare communication.


For the first time ever, this 10-DVD set will come inserted in a zippered DVD wallet, of various style and designs, for your safekeeping and transporting convenience. This bonus material is included for free for a limited time.

Like with most of our training videos, this film will have no audio for training purposes and some with open captions for convenient learning experience. Color and style of DVD disc may vary to ensure highest quality and the lowest cost possible to you. Ships free to continental U.S. 

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