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Got smartphones (iPhones or Android), laptops or tablets with no DVD drive? Don't want to worry about carrying or losing a USB Flash Drive? No problem - you can now view the brand-new FULL FEATURE training film online as part of our ASLFLIX Premium Collection at ASLFLIX™ - as you will purchase once to own the film, just like Amazon Prime Video and Apple iTunes / Apple TV.

Film Title: Similes in ASL, Vol. 1


For the first time, "Similes in ASL, Vol. 1," an advanced ASL training film now available to own as a premium training film at ASLFLIX.

Dive deep into the world of similes, figures of speech that enhance your ASL proficiency and expressive capabilities. How else can you elevate yourself receptively and expressively?

Guided by a Deaf Heritage CODA professor, viewers will explore multiple similes, each meticulously defined and demonstrated. From "as brave as a lion" to "as fresh as a daisy," learn how to create vivid images and emphasize qualities in ASL, making your communication more dynamic and engaging. This film provides the tools to master the art of similes, improving both your understanding and use of these expressive comparisons.

With hands-on guidance and clear examples, this streaming-only content offers a rare opportunity to advance your ASL skills. Whether you are a student, teacher, or professional, "Similes in ASL, Vol. 1" will elevate your ability to communicate with precision and creativity. Don’t miss out on this unique learning experience available exclusively online.

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This film is excellent for all American Sign Language teachers, instructors and beginner to advanced ASL students from anywhere and anytime.

    This film is open-captioned and are without any audio for enhanced learning and teaching experience. 

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