ASL Vocabulary Series: ENGLISH

ASL Vocabulary Series: ENGLISH

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ASL Vocabulary Series: ENGLISH

Analogy...Present tense...Midterm...Proofread...Regulations...Run-on sentence...How in the world do you sign these terms related to the world of English, writing and reading?  This DVD will bring over 100 English-related vocabulary words / short phrases in ASL. This DVD is a MUST HAVE FOR PROFESSORS, TEACHERS, STUDENTS and the FAMILIES.

Throughout this DVD, you will also learn several new valuable examples and explanations about Deaf Culture with Gilda Toby Ganezer and Avery Ganezer.

Also a great resource for class discussions, ASL interpreting and just about everyday ASL conversations.

Knowledge of words, short phrases and Deaf culture throughout this DVD will encourage questions asking during classroom sessions. Free shipping.

The brand new DVD will be in eco-friendly DVD sleeve WITHOUT Amaray DVD case to help customers save money. Each disc are clearly labeled for your convenience. The pictures shown above are for illustration only and are not printed on any DVDs. Once item ships, you will receive tracking information via email at no cost.