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Title: Errors and Corrections in ASL, Vol. 1: Misunderstandings DVD


This advanced ASL training film focuses on correcting misunderstandings. Learn to confidently and respectfully clarify errors in ASL, such as, "I think you meant to say 'sign language' instead of 'silent language'," or, "No, the library is closed on Sundays, not open." The film covers a variety of common misunderstandings, providing strategies for clear and effective communication.

Being able to correct misunderstandings accurately is vital for ensuring clear communication and preventing potential conflicts or confusion. This film equips you with the skills to handle misunderstandings with confidence and cultural sensitivity. Improved clarification techniques lead to better interactions and stronger relationships within the ASL community.

Every DVD is open-captioned and are without audio for intensive learning and teaching experience. The DVD title shown above will be in an economical paper sleeve to save you cost. Note: This is nonreturnable and nonrefundable product. Color, style and finish of DVD.

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