Idioms & Phrases in American Sign Language, Volume 4

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Your experience learning idioms and phrases in American Sign Language (ASL) continues with us with our exciting 4th DVD!

Idiom / Phrase Examples in this DVD:

  • fed up
  • full of hot air
  • it's for real
  • none of your business
  • pea-brained
  • point a finger at
  • the talk of the town
  • to become fully involved with

...and much more!

Learn from the ASL experts!  This DVD is led by a team of Deaf ASL Professionals with combined 30+ years of teaching and Deaf Interpreting experiences who will teach you how to recognize and express commonly used idioms and phrases in ASL fluently.

This DVD is a powerful learning tool developed best for ASL classes and interpreter training courses as well as all Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing and hearing individuals, families and professionals using everyday idioms and phrases in all types of conversations daily.

Bonus features are included, such as bloopers and more.