New! ASL Interpreter Training: Background Noises in ASL, Vol. 2 DVD + USB Set

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This advanced ASL Interpreter Training: Background Noises, Vol. 2 DVD + USB Flash Drive set is a groundbreaking tool that will teach each viewer how to efficiently match and clearly convey countless background noises while interpreting. A lot of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals get extremely frustrated when some interpreters unfortunately, yet, unintentionally omit valuable information on noises heard while interpreting. Every information, when possible, should be conveyed and this training tool will help out tremendously. Learn from Avery Ganezer who is a Deaf CODA certified ASL interpreter/rater/evaluator.

This final volume, examples / lessons covering:

- various water sources

- differentiating sounds from body movements

- identifying acts of violence

  1. physical altercation
  2. verbal altercation
  3. cursing (various)
  4. mocking / teasing
  5. slamming of doors
  6. banging on objects

- accurately describing vehicular accidents via sounds they produce

- diverse types of sounds from car horns

- varying noises from people's body movements

- various breathing sounds

- distinctive doorbell sounds

- sounds against a blackboard / whiteboard

- knife on bottles (as to make a toast)

- various types of applause

- vocalizations from the audience / crowd

- singing from audience / crowd

- moaning / whimpering types

- celebratory sounds (fireworks, etc.)

- diverse sounds associated with gunfire

- sounds from chewing food / gum, etc.

Each viewer will learn "hard-to-find" ASL vocabulary and phrases identifying noises with convenient yet helpful visual aids.

Materials and training seen in this multimedia set are not seen anywhere and will be of high value to all students, interpreters, families and teachers.

Benefits from this set are: 

  • Throughout this final volume, every viewer will learn how to clearly identify, differentiate and express various types of background noises in ASL during ASL interpreting duties with resourceful examples
  • Excellent for training courses and self-study plans
  • First time ever: you will get both DVD and USB for ease of use
  • Designed for interpreters, families, teachers, students and more
  • Optimized for ASL interpreting performance tests, ASL evaluation tests, ASL Proficiency Interviews (ASLPI / SCPI) etc.
  • Easy-to-follow Bilingual training with video aids
  • Countless hard-to-find ASL signs seen and used in Deaf Community

Like with most of our training videos, this film will have no audio for training purposes and some with open captions for convenient learning experience. All DVDs and USBs will be in eco-friendly CD sleeves WITHOUT Amaray DVD cases to help customers save money. Each disc are clearly labeled for your convenience. Color and style of USB sticks may vary to ensure highest quality to you. The pictures shown above are for illustration only and are not printed on any DVDs. Ships free to continental U.S. 

This is a brand new set and are in high demand. Please be patient as tracking information will be provided after product ships within 2-3 weeks. Be safe!