UFO 101: A Visual Reference for Beginners Book - Deaf Authors! Free Shipping

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A massive 700+ page book written by a team of Deaf authors with years of research, experience and data.

This autographed book has OVER 700 FULL COLOR pages of spine-chilling information about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Just be WARNED that anything in this book may shock you with such disbelief!

Years of UFO research and investigations with massive amount of information is what makes this massive book one of the largest and resourceful book in the world. Gilda Toby Ganezer and Avery Posner, daring UFO researchers, will change your perspective about extraterrestrials and their crafts visually. These authors had experienced close encounters with UFO crafts over 10 times.

This information-rich book will feature:

- every page in this book are in FULL COLOR

- unclassified shocking UFO DOCUMENTS from CIA, FBI and more!

- LEAKED NASA's UFO videos and PHOTOGRAPHIC captures

- hundreds of powerful UFO REPORTS with photos

- learn about EXTRATERRESTRIALS with close up photos

- analyze TOP SECRET UFO REPORTS from the USAF

- how to FILE a KILLER UFO report with tips


- see hard-to-find UFO-inspired U.S. PATENTS

- testimonies from presidents and EVEN John F. Kennedy!

- rare NEWSPAPERS about UFOs

- official UFO REPORTS from other countries

- how to identify UFO crafts

- unbelievable police reports about UFOs

- Jan C. Harzan's important message right from BEN RICH, former Director of Lockheed's Skunk Works..

- learn unique technology used for UFO investigations

This book is a culmination of years of UFO research with the aid of thousands of documents, interviews, and intensive investigations. It will take you a long time to finish the entire book and will be an amazing resource on UFOs. Ships free.